3-Day Intensive Zen Retreat

The three-day (64 hour) retreat format is based on Daizan Roshi’s 3-Day Zen Intensives. These are grounded in the “group sanzen” format developed by Shinzan Roshi, together with the dyad work of Charles Berner. This creates a uniquely powerful combination. This format is suitable for those with no prior meditation experience, but can also be very powerful for those who have an on-going or developing practice. These retreats are designed specifically for you to find out your true nature – to find out who you really are (enlightenment or kensho in Japanese).

Contact office@bluecliffzen.org to register

3-Day Intensive Zen Retreat at St. Benedict's in MacKenzie Bridge, Oregon - Blue Cliff Zen Center

Upcoming Spring 2018 Retreat

  • Location: St. Benedict in McKenzie Bridge, OR. Private rooms available. Please see pictures below.

  • Dates: Thursday, May 10 (6pm) – Sunday, May 13 (noon)

  • Accommodation/meals: TBD

  • Please plan to come for the entire retreat.

  •  Impressions: “During the third day I felt a breakthrough into a new zone. Working with my koan helped me gradually shift my sense of self from my head to my heart, and my sense of being from definitional to embracing and inclusive of other people…”

  • “One of t he most important events of my life.”

Past Retreats

Winter 2018 Retreat

  • When: Thursday, January 11 (6pm) – Sunday, January 14 (noon). 

  • Location: Location Camp Lutherwood. See pictures below.

  • Amount: Accommodation/meals are $195. In addition to the accommodation/meal cost is a donation for the retreat itself. This is made depending on your means; we do not charge a fixed amount for these retreats. Suggested donation is $75-150.

  • Please plan to come for the entire retreat.

Camp Lutherwood Oregon Pictures:

Fall 2017 Retreat

September 21 – 24, 2017, Camp Lutherwood Oregon

We are pleased to offer this special retreat on the Autumn Equinox, September 21-24, 2017 at Camp Lutherwood Oregon. This beautiful, peaceful setting is just a short 35 minute drive from Eugene on Hwy 36 between Fern Ridge and Triangle Lake.

  • Dates: UPDATED due to wildfire cancelation: Thursday, September 21 (6pm) – Sunday, September 24 (noon), 2017

  • Location: Camp Lutherwood Oregon near Fern Ridge Reservoir outside of Eugene

  • Details: Due to wildfire conditions in McKenzie Bridge we had to reschedule the 3-Day Intensive Zen Retreat. We offer our sincere apologies to those who have been inconvenienced by this change.

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