Japan Trip 2018

“Think of how someone wrings out a wet towel with all his or her might and then releases. Our lives should be like this. For without a doubt it is through maintaining the right balance of intensity in our practice and of relaxation – sitting back and enjoying life – that genuine understanding develops.”

Japan Trip through Blue Cliff Zen Center. A group of about 15 people spend 2 weeks in Japan at a Zen retreat and then site-seeing.

We have 2 Japan trips scheduled for 2018:

  • The June 9-20, 2018 (11 or 12 days) trip is centered in Nara prefecture, the spiritual heartland of Japan, beginning with a 5-day Zen retreat (“sesshin”) followed by site-seeing and cultural activities around Nara city, Yoshino, and Kyoto. The cost is $2555 excluding airfare. The accommodation and meals are relatively modest. We’re also planning to visit Shinzan Roshi up at Gyokuryuji for a day if circumstances allow for it.

  • The October 13-21, 2018 (8 days) trip is centered in Kamakura (about 1 hour outside of Tokyo), an important area for our Rinzai Zen heritage. We’ll have a nice chance to experience Zen in this beautiful town alongside other cultural activities and ancient sites. We’ll experience Japanese cuisine lessons, trek around the famous island of Enoshima, bathe in the mountain hot springs (onsen) of Hakone, and take in the Komyoji temple festival along side many other activities. We’ll also be spending some time practicing zazen (seated Zen meditation) and listening to a dharma talk or two from a Zen abbot in Kamakura. Please connect with office@bluecliffzen.org about pricing. We’ll be staying in higher-end accommodation on this trip. 

For a trip itinerary or to register: email office@bluecliffzen.org

More Info at the Zenways Website

A photo of gyokuryuji temple in japan, where the group stayed during the Japan trip.Photo of the Japan trip group in front of a shrine and waterfall in Seki, Japan.Image of a shrine in Kyoto - Fushimi Inari - that we visited during our Japan trip in 2014.Image of Daizan Roshi doing waterfall practice at Hazuma Fudo-san during the site-seeing portion of our Japan trip in 2014.Image of a shrine at Fushimi Inari in Kyoto, Japan that we visited during our 2014 Japan Trip.



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