Mindfulness Courses & Teacher Trainings

Mindfulness Courses

Health and Well-Being

Mindfulness for Health and Well-Being
(8 Weeks)

Next Course: Spring of 2019. Focuses on relieving stress, boosting overall physical and emotional well-being, and teaching you how to be more present and alive.

Mindfulness for Physical Pain

Mindfulness for Physical Pain
(5 Weeks)

Focuses on using mindfulness practices as a way of developing your inner resources for dealing with physical pain.

Minfulness for Grounding and Insight

Mindfulness for Grounding and Insight
(8 Weeks)

Next Course: January 17 – March 7, 2019. Focuses on increasing energy, vitality, and insight – transforming your life. In Zen, this is “kensho”: knowing who you really are or “awakening”.

Teacher Trainings and Certifications

Zenways Yoga Teacher Training

Zenways 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

Next course Week 1: December 9-16, 2018. Week 2: February 24 – March 3, 2019

Zen Meditation and Mindfulness Teacher Training

Zen Meditation and Mindfulness Teacher Training

Next Training September 1-8, 2019


About the teacher at Blue Cliff Zen Center

a picture of Matt Shinkai Kane, Zen yoga and Zen meditation instructor in Eugene, Oregon - Blue Cliff Zen Center

Matt Shinkai Kane studied and taught Zen in Japan for over 7 years and is certified as a Zen teacher in the Hakuin-Inzan line of the Rinzai tradition. He has both taught and trained students to be Zen meditation and mindfulness teachers in the US, London, and in East Asia. One of his primary focuses is the on-going dialogue about how to be truly awake and alive in the busy modern world.

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