Zen Jinshin Energy Healing

Zen Jinshin Energy Healing

Zen Jinshin Workshop in Eugene Oregon - Blue Cliff Zen Center

Individual sessions: email office@bluecliffzen.org to schedule a Zen jinshin session. They are 90 minutes. We do home visits and sessions at our Zen center.

Further study and training: please stay tuned

Fall Zen Jinshin Workshop (focusing on the Lungs and Large Intestine lines)

Date: Saturday, October 27 from 2-4pm

Place: Everyday People Yoga in Eugene

Cost: $25

Register: send an email to office@bluecliffzen.org to reserve your space (please enter the subject “Zen Jinshin Worshop”) or arrive early on the day.

Questions: contact the above email or call 541-543-5049

Zen Jinshin is an energy practice that releases tension and blockages in the energy meridians of the body and harmonizes their jitsusflow. Many energy lines run through your body and each supplies its area with the necessary energy and vitality. These meridians connect to your organs too and facilitate the transfer of energy between them. Each organ is closely associated with certain emotions so that, for example, aiding and releasing tension in the lungs and large intestine channels helps you to release grief and attachment (holding on) while bringing more of a capacity to move on, let go, and forget the past into your life (signs of strong, healthy lungs/large intestine). The lungs and large intestine are traditionally seen as the organs of the fall.

Resistance in the meridian lines affects our health and well-being and can lead to illness over time if they stay blocked. Freeing these blockages makes us feel lighter, healthier, and happier.

Shinkai learned this practice from one of his teachers while living at Gyokuryuji Temple in Japan. It is based on the East Asian energy meridian system and has been used in one form or another at Japanese Zen temples for hundreds of years and at temples in China for much longer. Although helpful across the board, it is especially effective for people with an ongoing yoga or meditation practice. Opening your meridian lines lets you go deeper with your yoga/meditation practice. It’s extremely good at freeing up un-dealt with feelings, physical tensions, and memories that lie beneath the surface of conscious awareness.

What you’ll get out of the Fall Zen Jinshin workshop:

  • a solid foundation in what Zen Jinshin is

  • practice using the flow sequences to release the lungs and large intestine lines

  • direction with continuing this Zen Jinshin sequence at home as a meditation practice

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