Breakthrough to Zen Retreats

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Our Breakthrough to Zen Retreats are based on Daizan Roshi's 3-day (64 hour) retreat format. We focus on contemplation and communication within a dyad format. This creates a uniquely powerful combination and is very effective for people in getting a genuine shift into the world of awakening. This retreat is suitable for those with no prior meditation experience and is also effective for those who already have an on-going or developing practice. The time is designed for you to touch into the deeper dimensions of your true nature.

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Spring 2022 Breakthrough to Zen Retreat

Dates: Thursday, May 19 (6pm) – Sunday, May 22 (lunch), 2022.

Location: In-person at St. Benedict Lodge in McKenzie Bridge, Oregon. All private rooms.

Facilitator: Shinkai

Cost: Retreat cost/all-inclusive: Supported rate/$295, Sustaining rate/$375, Supporting rate/$450.

Register: Either fill out the form on this page or send us an email at We’ll send you a registration form. Also feel free to call us with questions.

Please note: all participants and staff must be fully vaccinated and also be tested for Covid three days prior to retreat (PCR test). There is also a self test the morning of the retreat.

More information about our Breakthrough to Zen Retreats can be found here.


  • "...filled with peaceful energy, and knowing it's not just within me but everywhere. Heart open in every direction."
  • "I feel relaxed, present, at ease, embraced, hopeful. I feel on the verge of an inner peace that has eluded me my entire adult life."
  • "During the third day I felt a breakthrough into a new zone. Working with my koan helped me gradually shift my sense of self from my head to my heart, and my sense of being from definitional to embracing and inclusive of other people..."
  • "as I looked over the entire library I suddenly and unexpectedly saw that we were just That!  All entirely woven together in life!  My heart felt full of compassion for everyone and myself, but for a brief time there was no "myself." I never experienced anything like that. Just then big white snow flakes began falling and it seemed to me a confirmation of the incredible beauty and wonder that had awakened my mind."
  • "Everything shifted on the second day. I am here to BE. I am here. I am enough...we are all enough and will always have what is needed in this moment."
  • "While walking in the forest, gently repeating my question (Why am I here?), things suddenly shifted. I saw that I AM HERE. There wasn't an I and a here. I am this here-ness.  This seeing was so clear, so true, and utterly basic. I had always thought that seeing Reality would mean bolts of lightening, like having the biggest ah-ha moment ever. But, it wasn't like that at all. It was like a tiny puff of breath had lifted the barest of silk covering my eyes. And I just saw the world as it is. I didn't feel high or emotional, I actually felt slightly embarrassed. I was in Reality, and it wasn't that hard to get here."
  • "Gratitude for the privilege of being here in this process. Deep connection with Self and other people."
  • "Unmatched eagerness for action. Confidence in self, special and ordinary. Ready. Free of doubt. Light coming through the hole in the that wall."
  • "I feel profound gratitude and pride about deciding to attend, despite the worries, risks, and challenges."
  • "I am filled with a sense of rightness. Not that I am right, and something else is wrong. But that things are as they should be."
  • "My greatest insight came from what is, and always has been, inside me. I know how now to trust myself. I have a deep knowing now I can and will always be awake and ok."
  • "This progressed more and more to I am love. I am. I am this. I am that I am. I now feel so seen and known and loved and nourished and celebrated by the am that is me. Deep energetic connection with myself. This process has been exhilarating and validating. I found and saw and feel my power of being. I am the gold. I always was and always will be."
  • "I was looking out when I already possessed what I was searching for, I just didn't know it. Everything I wanted, I already have. Here, now."
  • "One of the most important events of my life."

The next BZR is September 29 - October 2, 2022 in McKenzie Bridge, Oregon

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Retreat is full. Please keep an eye out for the next one in January, 2019.

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