Melting the Ice: A Spring Zen Yoga and Meditation Retreat

Spring zen yoga

Join us for a holistic weekend of Zen yoga, Zen meditation, energy work, and mindful hiking as a way of moving through the end of winter and into spring on the right foot.

As the winter comes to a close the ice begins to melt: not just outside in nature but inside us too. Spring is traditionally seen as a time of new beginnings and offers us an wonderful chance to re-align with who we really are and to develop greater health and success in our relationships, jobs, and spiritual practice. There are many specific practices within the Zen Buddhist tradition that help this melting process along.

This workshop will deeply nourish and rejuvenate your body, mind, and spirit.

Dates: Friday, March 24 (7pm) - Sunday, March 26 (noon), 2023.

Location: Blue Cliff Zen Center in Eugene, Oregon

$50 supported
$125 sustaining
$200 supporting

Covid Policy: In line with state guideline, masks will be optional at this retreat.

To Register/Questions: Either fill out the form on this page or send us an email at We’ll send you a registration form.

Past Impressions

"Fun, restoring, a wonderful time. I laughed and stretched and found some silence and peace. A great group of people and a great start to my spring."

"Gorgeous! Lucky to be intimately in nature. I appreciated the time to hike."

"I had a great experience - it was great to get a jumpstart to my meditation practice. I liked journaling after, it helped see what's going on in the old brain and sort of set it free through writing."

"I feel inspired and renewed. It was wonderful. Beautiful environment, great people and an awesome teacher..."

"I feel healthy inside and out. I have had some great moments of clarity that I hope to take home with me!"

"I feel hopeful. This was a nice intensive to hit a reset button. Shedding the old..."

"The retreat had a nice pace with a good balance of yoga, meditation, and free time. Location is fantastic, very restorative."

"...a very nice community and very relaxed while developing great skills."

"Inspiring! The winter retreat was warm and cozy, where the spring retreat was expansive - cracking the shell of winter. It definitely helps me to peer out of hibernation and see the energy of spring!"

"This was oh so rejuvenating!"

"I really feel like I did internal cleanse work - my mind and body feel clearer and more energized."


We follow all state regulations with regards to Covid-19. This means wearing masks. Please stay home if you are feeling unwell.

Rough Schedule

7-9pm: opening, zen yoga for the winter and meditation

(breakfast at home)
8am: meditation
9am: fostering unity practice
9:30am: zen yoga for the spring
11:00am: meditation
11:30-3:30pm: lunch (on your own), hiking, rest
3:30pm: zen jin shin for the spring
5:30pm: meditation
6pm: dinner (on your own)
7-9pm: reido and meditation

(breakfast at home)
8am: meditation
9am: fostering unity/zen taiso
10:30am: closing/integration
11:30: clean-up