Mindfulness Continued


“Life changing. My anxiety has improved and I no longer fear my anxiety…” Clara (Oct. 2015)

“A very good addition to the journey I am on and the practices I began for myself…” Sarah (April, 2016)

“Since doing this regular meditating I feel that things are more vibrant [and] more intense, even though I’m going through a lot of stuff.”
Gethin (March 2015).

“Overall experience: very grounding.” Michelle (March, 2017)

“It was really nice having this group to come to…I learned more about Zen Buddhism which was good.” Claire (Oct. 2015)

“I feel well prepared to continue the practice – it’s up to me now.” Jeff (January, 2016)

“Beautiful experience. Much appreciated. Grateful for the opportunity to study, learn and begin a life change.” Tricia (April, 2016)

“I am so glad that I chose to do this class! A wonderful starting place to begin my practice. I enjoyed Shinkai’s teaching and his openess to all our ideas.” Isabelle (March, 2017)

“The major benefit I experiences was the realization that 1) I CAN start a mindfulness practice and 2) I NEED to have a mindfulness practice.” Paula (January, 2016)

“…recommend this experience to everyone.” Joy (Jan. 2016)

“The structure enabled me to start a great sitting practice and continue to gain its benefits everyday. We were open to voicing our thoughts. [The course] helped me make better decisions. Kept me motivated to take care of myself more fully. Anxiety has improved and changed in a better way. I feel more myself. ” Paula (November, 2016)

“I had a fear of turning inward because of all my recent alone time, but I found myself losing the fear and looking forward to the break from my thoughts and fears… A very gentle, positive approach.” Lisa (November, 2016)

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