Mindfulness Courses & Teacher Trainings

Mindfulness Courses

Health and Well-Being

Mindfulness for Health and Well-Being
(8 Weeks)

Next Course: Winter of 2020. Focuses on relieving stress, boosting overall physical and emotional well-being, and teaching you how to be more present and alive.

Mindfulness for Physical Pain

Mindfulness for Physical Pain
(5 Weeks)

Focuses on using mindfulness practices as a way of developing your inner resources for dealing with physical pain.

Minfulness for Grounding and Insight

Mindfulness for Grounding and Insight
(8 Weeks)

Next Course: Spring of 2020. Focuses on increasing energy, vitality, and insight – transforming your life. In Zen, this is “kensho”: knowing who you really are or “awakening”.

Teacher Trainings and Certifications

Zenways Yoga Teacher Training

Zenways 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

Next course: TBD

Zen Meditation and Mindfulness Teacher Training

Zen Meditation and Mindfulness Teacher Training

Next Training September 6-13, 2020

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