Sponsorship Program

Our Sponsorship Program

Each week Blue Cliff Zen Center offers meditation practice sessions for the community. In keeping with the tradition of Dana* there is no charge for this service, we rely solely on freely given contributions. The offerings received in our donation box, while greatly appreciated and needed, only cover a small portion of the Center’s operating costs.

As a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, Sponsorships are the foundation of our Zen Center’s security. Your monthly tax-deductible donation ensures the future of Blue Cliff Zen Center. You may wish to dedicate your sponsorship to the memory of a loved one or to a cause that is meaningful to you. This steady support nourishes Blue Cliff Zen Center, our mission and our community.

Set Up Your Monthly Sponsorship

($5-$100 a month suggested)

Option A: ACH direct bank transfer. Fill out this ACH Form and either email it to us at bluecliffzen@gmail.com or mail it to us at 352 W. 12th Ave. Eugene, OR 97405. (No fees will be incurred by Blue Cliff.)

Option B: PayPal. Click the “donate” button below to go to the secure PayPal website. Enter the amount of your monthly sponsorship and select “make this a monthly donation”. (Blue Cliff does incur a fee of 0.49 USD + 1.99% per transaction for this service.)

Option C: a one-time lump-sum annual contributionSend a one year contribution all at once. This can be done via PayPal, ACH, or check to: Blue Cliff Zen Center 352 W. 12th Ave. Eugene, OR 97405.

Our Sponsors are the heartbeat of Blue Cliff Zen Center


Mandy S. 

Carolyn Komyo G. 


Cathy P. 

“dedicated to Jon’s family”



“To the memory of Ruth”

Bonnie Seigetsu V. 

Aloha H.- “dedicated to Paul Howard”

Dom W. 

Allyn S. 


Diana S. 

“That all may realize Truth”

Zen for Modern Life

Julie Jisei W. 

Karen G. 

Aviva S.

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