Summer Zen Retreat

Summer Zen Retreat 2020

Dates: Thursday, July 30 (evening) – Tuesday, August 4 (evening)

Come for full ($50) or half-days ($25). Or sit with us in the evenings from 7:30-9pm.

Location: In-person in Eugene (please rsvp for more information) and also online via Zoom

For registration, contact:

Non-residential and Zoom: $150-$350 sliding scale for the entire retreat.

No cooking will happen. Please bring a packed lunch and dinner. Morning zazen and breakfast will be done at home, morning zazen over Zoom.

Retreat Schedule

7-8am – zazen (at home over Zoom)

8am – breakfast (at home)

9am – samu/work practice (outside on the center grounds)

10 – tea

10:30 – dharma talk and zazen

noon – lunch (bring a packed lunch)

1:30 – zen yoga and naikan/energy practice

3pm – zazen

4 – tea

4:30 – zazen

6pm – dinner

7:30 – zazen/sanzen

9pm – yaza (night sitting)

Summer Zen Retreat in Eugene, Oregon. Blue Cliff Zen Center.

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