Weekly Zen Meditation

Y - Blue Cliff Meditation Hall - Big

Attend in-person or over Zoom

  • Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings from 7 - 7:30am (Zoom only)

  • Tuesday and Thursday mornings from 7 – 8am (In-Person and over Zoom)

  • Sunday afternoons from 4:30-6pm (In-person and over Zoom)

Email us at bluecliffzen@gmail.com for the Zoom links.

Our Zen meditation group meets at 352 W. 12th Ave. in Eugene, Oregon

Both beginners and seasoned meditators are invited to attend. If you are new please try to come 10-15 minutes early. Also, watch this short intro to meditation video:


Zen is strongly associated with group practice. Having the opportunity to practice with others on the same path is tremendously beneficial.

Sunday afternoon is our main weekly gathering and there is time for guidance for beginners and some teaching. We begin with a short dharma talk followed by zazen (seated meditation) with an opportunity for sanzen (a time to talk individually about your practice) until 6pm. We operate on freely given donations.

Tuesday and Thursday sessions are comprised of two 25-minute periods of seated meditation with a walking meditation in between.

Monday, Wednesday, and Friday Meditation sessions are comprised of one 30-minute periods of seated meditation.