Kindness and Compassion Course

Copy of Zen Yoga TT Breitenbush

This 5-week Zen meditation course is focused on cultivating kindness and compassion in your meditation practice and life. We’ll be focusing on a variety of practices geared towards engendering kindness towards oneself, others, and to the world. These practices were laid out in great detail by the Zen teacher, Torei Enji, a few hundred years ago. They form a beautiful foundation for developing a "baseline psychological well-being" and are seen as the platform for deeper insights. This course is open to anyone. We hope you can join us.

5-Week Zen and Mindfulness for Kindness and Compassion Course

Spring 2024 Dates: April 4 - May 2, 2024. 5 Thursdays from 7-8:30pm in Eugene. In-person and online.

Place: Blue Cliff Zen Center and over Zoom.

Teacher: Shinkai

Cost: Please pay what you're able. We have a 3-tiered system.

Supported: $120
Sustaining: $195
Supporting: $270

To Register: Send us an email at Please specify this event in the Subject Heading. We’ll email you a registration form. Also feel free to call us with questions.


Plan to meditate for 25-30 minutes each day.

Over the 5 weeks we’ll be exploring a variety of topics including:

  • Cultivating psychological well-being
  • Loving kindness practice
  • Compassion practice and the bodhissatva Kannon
  • Physical, mental, and emotional benefits
  • Sympathetic Joy
  • Equanimity in practice and how this can be nourished
  • The history of kindness and compassion practices in the Zen tradition