Letting Go Into The Universe: A Fall Zen Yoga and Meditation Retreat


Join us for a weekend of Zen activities centered around letting go. The fall season is a wonderful time for allowing your internal leaves to fall away and for blending with something bigger. We’ll spend time working with practices that help you to do this including meditation, Zen yoga, energy cultivation practices, fostering balance within your inner organ community, Zen Jin Shin, and time spent outside. We'll also look at practices from Mark Westmoquette's book "The Mindful Universe."

This retreat will support you in aligning in a clear and healthy way with the fall season and lay a grounded, strong foundation for a nourishing start to the winter.

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Dates: Friday, October 20 (7pm) – Sunday, October 22nd (3pm)

Location: Blue Cliff Zen Center in Eugene, Oregon

Teacher: Shinkai

$95 supported
$195 sustaining
$295 supporting

To Register: Send us an email at bluecliffzen@gmail.com. Please specify this event in the Subject Heading. We’ll email you a registration form. Also feel free to call us with questions.

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(Some of our folks prefer not to be on social media)


"This weekend was an excellent time to slow down, go inward, and take care of myself. I feel excited about moving into the fall season in a way that will support my well-being."

"[The retreat was] challenging and fulfilling. An opportunity to look deeper at my internal self, while cultivating connection with the space and energies around me. How many emotions and sensations can co-exist and how to maintain a space of calm and my authentic being regardless. I AM OK. Seeing my thoughts and feelings for what they are."

"I felt safe, nurtured, and deeply cared for. My presence feels more open and calm. I feel energy circling within me in a very good way."

"I really enjoy the fall, the practices, the energy, the foods, the yoga, and turning inward without clingning, attachment."

"I appreciated a full weekend to focus on this work and disconnect from technology and routine. I really love these seasonal retreats, thank you for all the thought and planning you put into this."

"The Letting Go Into the Universe Retreat was one of the most personally rewarding experiences I have had in a very long time. It is very difficult to list all of the insights and takeaways I gained across the 3 days, but I feel like I gained so much...this was just an overall incredible experience."

"The retreat was so loving and nourishing. I feel lighter and brighter."



We follow all state regulations with regards to Covid-19 - masks are optional. Please stay home if you are feeling unwell.

Rough Schedule

6:30-8:30pm: opening, Zen yoga

(breakfast at home)
8am: meditation
9am: fostering unity practice
9:30am: Zen yoga for the fall time
11am: meditation
11:45-4pm: lunch (on your own), hiking, rest
4pm: Zen Jin Shin for the fall time
5pm: meditation
6pm: dinner (on your own)
6:45-8:30pm: reido and meditation

(breakfast at home)
8am: meditation
9am: fostering unity/Zen yoga
11am: meditation
11:45-1:30pm: lunch (on your own), rest
1:30-3pm: integration/integration

Optional: 4:30-6pm (weekly Sunday session at Blue Cliff)