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Books about Zen practice in our lineage

The Zen Character: Life, Art, and Teachings of Zen Master Shinzan Miyamae (2015) $45

Practical Zen: Meditation and Beyond. By Julian Daizan Skinner (2017) $20

Practical Zen for Health, Wealth, and Mindfulness. By Daizan Roshi (2018) $20

The Enlightenment Intensive: The Power of Dyad Communication for Self-Realization. By Lawrence Noyes (2018) $20

Rough Waking: For Those Confined and Homeless (Including You). By Julian Daizan Skinner (2019) $20

  • Blue Cliff Zen mugs, t-shirts, and sweatshirts

    • Blue Cliff mugs. Handmade. $25

    • Zen circle (enso) zipper hoodies. Blank on the front. Medium weight. Black. $45

    • “Blue Cliff Zen” hoodies. Heavier. Dark blue. $45

    • “Yume” (“vision” or “dream”) zipper hoodies. Blank on the front. Medium weight. In cardinal red, forest green, and navy blue. $45

    • Short-sleeved Blue Cliff t-shirts. Dark blue. Cotton. $15

      The Zen circle (enso) hoodies and “yume” hoodies were made in California by BellaCanvas; a zero sweatshop/eco-friendly manufacturing company and screen printed by locally owned and operated Threadbare Print House here in Eugene.    

      If you live locally, feel free to come by our Zen Center Shop.  If you live outside the Eugene area, we’d be happy to ship your selections to you.

      100% of proceeds directly support Blue Cliff Zen Center.  Thanks so much for your generosity!

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